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The Assembler Improved and extended, the Devpac 3 assembler is now at least 40% faster than its predecessor (without pre-assembly), supports the full 680x0 range of processors including the maths co-processors and has a tremendous number of switchable optimisations. : ; S: the debugger supplied with both packages Highspeed Pascal The Debugger Devpac 3 is provided with a versatile debugger disassembler for bug hunting and ease of learning.At last, a new Pascal compiler for your Amiga; Highspeed Pascal. Seüing at 6999, the Great Vaüey Products 68030 processor fitted with a 68882 fioating processor unit wiü run at 33MHz, faster than any of its competitors. t wiü have a hard disk controüer and is suppiied with four megabytes of 32- bit RAM which can be expanded to 16 megabytes.PEOPLE buying A3000s now get three muitimedia toois sup piied with the machine at no extra cost, making it mote attractive to Creative businesses or singie media producers. A spokesman for Süica said that whiie the board is based on Combo technoiogy, it remains nameiess. Said Commodore s head of muitimedia Barry Thurston: "This iafesf package makes muitimedia avaiiabie at a reaüs-tic price for any créative business user. un a 33MM* A CARD to increase the speed of Al500 and A2000s is set to be reieased in the UK soon by Süica Systems (081-3091111).The latest CAD power packages reviewed UWPRESS Comms • Music • DTV • Amos • DTP Some things are worth waiting for... The two earlier versions of Hi Soft Devpac for the Amiga set a standard in 68000 assembly language programming which was hard to surpass, but we think that we've done it. The Editor A new multi-window editor with bookmarks, mouse block’inarking, macros, complete window flexibility (including multi*views on one file), extensive user configuration and full integration with the other Devpac programs.Anyone considering buying an Amiga 3000 can now buy an Amiga 1500 and GVP card and get the same spécification and power for 61,575 iess." Fote Mff for A T 500 hundfe Issue 45 • February 1992 • £2.99 page games supplement INSIDE: Bars & Pipes Pro • Floppy drive round-up I Videon digitiser review ¥ IVEV ITIIft MVh E 32 FACT-PACKED PAGES OF ESSENTIAL INFO 9m Now 8 million tolours for less than £500!

You can compile separate units, link with assembler or use the inline assembler provided and we also supply a special version of our 680x0 debugger which allows you to debug Pascal programs at a source code level.The packages inciuded arc Scaia, Amiga Vision and Deiuxe Paint ! Said Siiica's Andy Leaning: "GVP*s new card upgrades the Amiga 1500 to give it the processing power of an Amiga 3000.With the ability to pre-assemble files for inclusion, it can now claim to be the fastest assembler on the Amiga. You can have as many views on your program as you like, including its source code; then set breakpoints, single-step instructions etc. Again, there is support for all the new processors and the floating point chips.If you have difficulty locating a copy, you can order directly from Hi Soft using Access Mastercard, Visa, UK debit card (Switch etc.) or a chequefpostal order. Asynchronous MC68030RP 8-9 MIPS (18 MIPS peak) FPU; 125 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous MCG888IHC or MC68882RC A5000-16 RAM 4 Meonbyt W Ol 32-W RAM 256 x 4 80ns DRAMi B5000-25 RAM. 77 SMLWJ'IIJS IVH0'5 Wtf O EDITOR Stevie Ku Mdy ART EDITOR Tymlacky ASSOCIATE EDITOR Paul Austin NEWS EDITOR John Butters PRODUCTION EDITOR PM Morse GAMES EDITOR Darnel Whitehaod STAFF WRITER Jawthafl Ma Jdock AD MANAGER Janc Conwfi Y SENIOR AD SALES Sua Horsa Wd ad sales John Da Ay&ra Simon Ims Ruth Priesriey AD PRODUCTION Martin Ftfzgerdd MARKETING MANAGER Ne RDysoa CUSTOMER SERVICE Sandara CUdt La Dce Cfionnfi M Linda Thome* Strjc Oroeo Bngid Roddik QBCULATON MGS Oawid Wrnn OSOBUn ON COMAG (0W5)4te05S SUSSOOTOOn S 051-JS7 »61 KOMCDONMGfi Svt Ctttrfl SYSTEMS MANAGER David Swwar T Pub Uwd by tunpnu Aificabon* Ud. ACAS Expert help for all those technical problems mm- Entertainment extra The latest video releases gettheonce-over--------------------------- THE COVERDISK W* ugw A*gc Cosfd UQ cam «t teamed oa a pu- ixci Dcii edicr try aeptcra cr a wrimj.Compiling at close to 20 (XX) lines per minute on a humble A500 and with a fully integrated environment (based on the new Hi Soft multi-window editor), High-Speed Pascal is the answer to your programming prayers.

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