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New hampshire biplane rides

“I bought a bed and breakfast in Bar Harbor, Maine,” he says.He operates Lakes Biplane from Emerson Aviation’s office at the Laconia Airport.This is the first summer Phil (known as Fabulous Phil in his Fabulous Biplane) is offering unique biplane rides to the public.“I don’t want a real job with the eight-hour a day schedule,” Phil says with a laugh.So I decided to start my own biplane ride business,” Phil continues.They assume because the biplane looks like models from the 1930s that the aircraft is an antique.After he sold the bed and breakfast and he and his wife divorced, Phil continued to live in Maine, but began to search for the right spot to launch his biplane business.

Phil and his wife ran the successful business and he continued to fly and eventually trained to pilot a biplane. I worked for a company in Maine that offered biplane rides, but I didn’t have enough time to really talk to the passengers about the biplane experience.He sees the treetops, the clouds, and the lake spread like a mass of sparkling from the open cockpit of his biplane. On a day-to-day basis Phil views the Lakes Region in a much different way than the rest of us.“She opened her fur coat and she was wearing a dress from that era, too! How did Phil get started in this most unusual profession? “I got my pilot’s license after I went to college, but I didn’t have the time or money to do much flying.“I want to do something I like.” The response to the Lake Biplane business thus far has been good.

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