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Laser face resurfacing cost

The Diamond Face Institute, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, offers a wide array of non-surgical laser treatments to rejuvenate your skin and reveal a fresh and youthful appearance.There is no required preparation for laser skin resurfacing.The procedure will last between an hour to an hour and a half.During an initial consultation, your medical history, age, skin color, and condition will be reviewed to see if you are a candidate for fractional Co2 laser skin resurfacing.A topical anesthetic cream is applied and allowed to sit for about half an hour.There are many benefits to laser skin resurfacing including: • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines • Softening of deep frown lines • Improved skin texture and tone • Formation of new collagen and plumper skin • Minimization of acne scarring Laser skin resurfacing can remove fine lines, as well as smooth out deep creases that are a result of age, exposure of environmental elements, smoking, and stress.While discomfort during the procedure is usually mild, a mild sedative may be given before the procedure.The areas mainly targeted by this procedure include between and around the eyes, the sides of the mouth, and the surface of the forehead.

At The Skin & Vein Center, we use a new generation of resurfacing lasers — the Active FX (CO2 Laser resurfacing).Other laser resurfacing procedures may be recommended to ensure that you receive desired and long-lasting results.The laser emits a beam of energy that heats and vaporizes the tissues of the outer layer of the damaged skin, leaving surrounding healthy tissue unaffected.He is also a Board Certified Head & Neck Surgeon, Otolaryngologist and a fellow of The American College of Surgeons.Also, pinkness of the skin may be experienced, and will last between two weeks or up to four months depending on the deepness of the treatment.

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