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Whole again since 1991, Berlin is now confident enough to woo prominent British architects, Italian designers and Polish restorers to its burgeoning multinational community, all of whom have contributed to its distinctive style.Like many capitals, this means that visiting Berlin can leave you without having really experienced Germany: American musicals, Babylonian mosaics, French bakeries and Norman Foster creations today comfortably coexist with the buildings of Schinkel and the operas of Wagner.As the capital of a reunited Germany since 1999, Berlin has grown up fast.Berlin is a fascinating city and a monument of living history.Haus Am Checkpoint Charlie Located next to the former crossing point between East and West Berlin, this museum brings to life the chilling world behind the Iron Curtain – and those who tried to escape it.The Bode and Pergamon Museums The Pergamon Museum does not house objects; it houses entire buildings, streets and temples.The Berlin Wall was dismantled in 1989, but the East and West district of the city still show signs of the political, cultural and physical divide that existed for almost 30 years.It has been through more upheaval than most cities, from the devastation of the Second World War to brutal Cold War division.There is plenty to see - from graffiti covered remnants of the wall itself to Hitler's bunker and the new Jewish synagogue centre.A must-see is the Gemäldegalerie, which houses one of the top art collections in the world.The sculpture collection includes pieces from the Christian Orient (with an emphasis on Coptic Egypt), sculptures from Byzantium and the Middle Ages up to the early Renaissance.

Built by Ludwig Hoffman and Alfred Messel between 19, its three collections include treasures of the Ancient World such as the 2nd century BC Pergamon Altar, the Market Gate of Miletus and the Ishtar Gate.Kulturforum The Kulturforum, encompassing the Gemäldegalerie, the Berlin Philharmonie, the Neue Nationalgalerie and the Applied Arts Museum, is an exceptional cultural complex.But despite, or maybe because of, its long stint in rehab, it is now a serious contender for the title of coolest European city.The capital of counter-culture and inspiration for the likes of Rufus Wainwright, David Bowie and Iggy Pop has lost none of its radical, cutting-edge reputation. Jüdisches Museum Built by Daniel Liebeskind, the museum opened as an empty space in 1999.Excellent luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants ensure its chic European status.

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