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Tb treatment guidelines who 2010

Finally, this edition strongly reaffirms prior recommendations for supervised treatment, as well as the use of fixed-dose combinations of anti-TB drugs and patient kits as further measures for preventing the acquisition of drug resistance.Within each country, latest guidelines are listed first.If you notice ommissions or errors, please tell us.Finding and treating multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) in previously treated patients will help to improve the very poor outcomes in these patients.In each section, World Health Organisation guidelines are listed first, followed by countries and/or other organisations in alphabetical order.This will alleviate patient suffering resulting from a second episode of tuberculosis (TB) and conserve patient and programme resources.The drugs are used in differing combinations in different circumstances.First, the recommendation to discontinue the regimen based on just 2 months of rifampicin (2HRZE/6HE) and change to the regimen based on a full 6 months of rifampicin (2HRZE/4HR) will reduce the number of relapses and failures.There are more than twenty drugs that are currently used for the treatment of TB and almost all of them were developed some years ago.This edition also addresses the prevention of acquired MDR-TB, especially among new TB patients who already have isoniazid-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis when they start treatment.

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