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It is a diet devoid of processed foods and red meats and nearly devoid of fats (especially saturated and trans). if you are willing and able to actually stick to it over the very long term. Ornish’s idea of a typical dinner is vegetarian bean chili, whole wheat penne pasta and roasted vegetables.Along with reversing even severe coronary artery disease, he notes, it also improves blood flow, reduces chronic inflammation (“an underlying cause of heart disease and many forms of cancer”), may reverse the progression of Type 2 diabetes and prostate cancer, “turns off” genes that promote breast and prostate cancer, and by increasing our telomere length may extend our life span.The starting point of the article was that while losing weight is a good idea for most of us, there are better ways and worse ways to go about it.And, oh yes, if you’re average and follow the program to the letter, you’ll lose about 24 pounds in the first year. Most dieters embrace one of two schools of thought: fats are verboten but carbs are fine, or carbs are verboten but fats are fine. Noting that “heart disease worsened for the majority of patients. Rather than chuck the whole lowfat nonsense out the window, Ornish argues that all fat is bad, even olive oil. Dean Ornish, a physician consultant to Bill Clinton and an advisor to Hillary Rodham Clinton for more than 20 years, reflected on the former president's impetus for changing his diet in a Huff Post Live interview on Thursday.Studies in the 1980s and 90s established that if you did take him seriously, in the sense that you followed his healthy lifestyle regimen religiously and permanently, many health benefits would accrue unto you, the most striking being not just the halting but the actual reversal of the symptoms of coronary artery disease, which kills off an imposingly large number of us. Ornish because of an opinion piece he wrote recently in the Sunday New York Times.

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